Our main objective is to help establish balance in the lives of every person that uses the services we provide on a physical, mental and emotional level.

People Behind the SCenes
Our Advisory Board
Advisory Board Member + Clinical Therapist
Alexandria Hershman

Alexandria Hershman is a licensed clinical therapist that has been practicing for over seven years. She has always had a strong desire to help others, which has continued in her private therapy practice, founded in February 2019. She has a passion for the health and well-being of her clients, and the mission behind her virtual therapy practice is to make mental health services less stigmatized and more accessible to all.

Advisory Board Member
Cameron Bakhtiar

Cameron has maintained his recovery for 8 years. Cameron's love for the games and exercise disappeared during his active addiction, but were reborn in his recovery. As an active member in the recovery community,  he has turned his passion for helping others into a career. Cameron brings the knowledge of the Substance Abuse & Mental Health industry with him to Move to Heal.

Advisory Board Member + Wellness Coach
Colleen Delaney

As a life long athlete, Colleen has created a tremendous following due to her caring, focused and professional nature. Colleen struggles with Crohn’s disease and has found recovery through a vigorous nutritional regiment and healthy fitness program. Colleen always has a positive, caring and giving way about her that fits perfectly with the MTH mission.

Advisory Board Member
Craig Landau

Craig is President and CEO of Purdue Pharma, a role he took on in 2017. He is leading the company through bankruptcy and emergence. Upon emergence, Purdue will cease to exist, and a new company, Knoa Pharma, is being formed. Knoa Pharma will deliver billions of dollars of value to communities across the country to fund programs specifically for abatement of the opioid crisis.

Advisory Board Member
Michele Sharp

Michele is Executive Director, Communications & Media Relations at Purdue Pharma. She is a Peabody Award-winning former journalist with nearly 25 years of experience in public relations. Michele is currently a doctoral candidate at Baylor University, and holds a master’s from American University and a bachelor’s from Bryn Mawr College. Michele has a passion for working with purpose-driven organizations that benefit the public good.

Advisory Board Member
Noah Goodman

Noah has first-hand experience in healing through recovery having entered the twelve-step community in 2009. His outgoing personality allows him to share his experience, strength and hope to help others who are suffering by dedicating much of his free time to helping those in need.

Advisory Board Member
Peter W. Shrair

Peter is a Partner at Halloran and Sage LLP, focusing his practice primarily in commercial real estate transactions, business sales and acquisitions, commercial leasing and development and loan documentation. Prior to joining Halloran and Sage, Peter was the Managing Partner at Cooley, Shrair P.C., which was established in 1946 and combined with Halloran and Sage in 2021.

Peter has been active in the recovery community for many years and provides service work to various charities and civicmorganizations.

Advisory Board Member
Seth Goodman

With over 25 years of experience in the recycling industry, Seth is known as a compassionate and inspiring leader by his clients and colleagues. Seth is the co-leader of Northstar Recycling and is focused on setting strategic direction and executing the day-to-day operations of the company. Since founding Northstar in 2011 with his brother Noah, Seth has been a major force in growing the business to over $100 million in sales annually.

Seth has been an active member of the twelve-step community since getting sober from drugs and alcohol in 2010.

Meet Ethan
About Our Founder, Ethan Hershman

Ethan Hershman has been an entrepreneur for the last 40 years. His companies include, Canusa Hershman Recycling, Newport CH Int’l, NCH Trading, Evergreen Fibers, Woodland Power Products, and Greenwich CrossFit.

Ethan struggled with alcohol and drug addiction during his late teens and all of his 20’s. Only after nearly losing his life to cocaine overdoses and all his relationships and family, did he surrender to the disease. Ethan credits his 27+ years of sobriety to the 12 steps of the AA program, a solid community, fellowship, taking life one day at a time, healing the mind, BODY, spirit, and the helping of others. He is passionate about helping those that are afflicted with addiction and other life traumas. 

Ethan recognized that a big part of his success in fighting his disease was that he was fortunate enough to have the resources to get help outside of AA. He was able to get therapy, join a gym, get the proper nutrition planning and work in the community.

Most people coming into recovery don’t have the resources to do these things. His vision with Move To Heal is to have these resources available for anyone coming into recovery regardless of their financial situation. The concept of putting as many hurdles between the recovering person and the next drink, drug, or “whatever” as a way to develop long-term recovery is why he founded “Move To Heal” and the four pillars of services it offers.